13 best ways for beginner youtuber to bring subscribe and viewers

13 best ways for beginner youtuber to bring subscribe and viewers

Youtube is a social media service that is increasing in all circles, both children and adults. Not only giving YouTube information also provides income opportunities for anyone who is pleased. For that so that we can get opportunities from YouTube, we can upload interesting videos so that they are titled Subscribe and viewer. If you are still a beginner and not proficient in the field of video editing, you can simply upload videos and every day you use the advice of the leading youtube. Here are ways to bring subscribe and viewer according to the experiences I read and practice.

1. Title
Titles are very important so people are interested in visiting your channel and making them curious about using existing videos. If you have a dancing video but the title is still stiff don't let someone send to your channel. With the condition that the title must match the video if not, then don't expect someone to subscribe to your channel even if they are reluctant to return.

2. thumbnail

the thumbnail is the main image of your video display, the thumbnail itself is very influential than the title because many people see thumbnail images before reading the title. make thumbnails as cool as possible but try according to the rules so that visitors are not disappointed.

3. Unique Many kinds of videos that are on YouTube, one of them with unique and unique content from your channel, in the form of information, tips and tricks, tutorials, news, vlogs and so on. One unique example such as the vlog channel of londokampung is that it contains vlogs of dark Caucasians in Java. Or guyonansantri etc.

4. Viral Look for news that is viral when you make a video. Whether it's about football, politics, entertain etc. Because something viral will be sought by someone

Watermark is also something you can use for Facebook or other social media, they will immediately visit your channel to find out more about your channel and keep videos from Reuploaded

5. Upload, If you still want to, you have to be consistent to upload videos if you can do more and better every day than three times. Because your subscribers will be waiting for your next video, don't let them know.

6. Promotion
Promotion is a very important thing because with shopping videos you can know the closest people and people around. So we can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

7. Join groups with groups (such as Facebook groups) is a very fast way because you will find fellow YouTuber who transmit those who both need to subscribe and viewer and we can use it to exchange subscribe and viewer

8. Mutually subscribe. For you beginners, you are very interested in ways to do things like this below. Like our example, the channel and give a comment "already extinguished mas" with the meaning of the subscribe color that red has become gray. Or the word "paste permanently kak" means that it has sub-channeled the channel and so that it has your backchannel subscribing channel. In this way definitely in the video, you will be commenting because they are real.

9. Duration of video Making a video too long will make the audience bored and make it as simple as possible. If it includes a video tutorial then make it short with lessons like tutorials part one, two and so on. This will make visitors more curious and come to your other videos.

10. Install the card. Do you often see the "I" sign above the video that is called the card? Choose the visitors to see the videos available on the card. And indeed there is nothing important for users to be active.

11. Love the nation By using sub-services for the sub in the lake, overcome. You are asked to add points that allow you to use and provide further information. There are many social media services such as adding twitter followers and facebook pages.

12. Addmefast
Same as a country you can exchange points by collecting points through twitter, facebook etc. Then the points collected are as part of the channel you subscribe to.

13. Hitleap
Different from likenation and eddmefast hitleap are to focus on your YouTubeviewerr channel and with hitleap you can increase website traffic. For how to fill by using addmefast, by collecting points, there is a unique way to pray

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