Observe The Bitcoin Market

Observe The Bitcoin Market

How is crypto's reportedly healthy. Today's news about bitcoin that shows a positive trend this has happened in the last few days and precisely today Bitcoin is in 7381 $ which is opened with the market 7278 $ this gives a picture of the positive trend of bitcoin will be repeated again as happened in the final quarter of the year yesterday precisely on December 17, 2017 where bitcoin at that time reached its highest point of 19.535 $, whether history was adventurous again considering the variety of slanted information about bitcoin did not weaken bitcoin from the broad public interest this has an impact on the stability of bitcoin prices in the last three months.

Whereas in the last three months the price of bitcoin has been pumped twice and twice dumped starting with the price of 7.676 $ with a dump to the price of 6.190 $ and precisely on August 25 bitcoin reached the highest value in the last three months with a range of 8.416 $. and for now bitcoin starts pumping from the previous price which tends to stay in place

The most common question about bitcoin at the moment is it possible that bitcoin will repeat history at the end of last year? if possible what strategy do you have to run to get profit by buying bitcoin at this time whose price starts to rise, or will you wait for bitcoin prices to weaken in the price range of 6.195 $ this may need luck in your favor. but by using a good strategy to take advantage even without waiting for the minimum price of Bitcoin.

For beginners you should learn to read the situation by finding a lot of false information about the world of development Cryptocurrency considering the current Altcoin whose market tends to weaken. like ethereum which still has not shown a positive trend where the current price is only around 288 $, this is the lowest price of ethereum in the last 6 months or rather the price reoccurred in September last year after the massive pump reached 1,427 $ on the 14th January 2018.

Seeing the above scheme between the two Crypto giants that are different in the direction of bitcoin is more favored considering that the current bitcoin prices are starting to strengthen and are different from the rifal that tends to weaken, hopefully the writing and analysis we provide provides an overview to make a decision in investing in the world of Crypto currency.

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