About Bithemotn ICO

About Bithemotn ICO

In this meeting I will provide a Review of the ICO which has a development program in asset investment and trade-based cryptocurrency 'but before I continue I suggest for beginner readers to get to know about ICO in the beginner column. this aims to understand the ICO in its entirety, especially the programs offered by each ICO.

The very important thing in following an ICO must be clear about the projects we follow. and the most important thing about the purpose of the project and what benefits we will get in investing in a project, and we need to observe how long-term and short-term sustainability of a project is. especially in the world of Cryptocurrency which is a free open market.

About Bithemoth
bithemoth will provide a foundation of modern innovation in the development of Blockchain technology and can be potentially deep in revolutionizing the world, realizing this, bithemoth strikes a professional team for budding entrepreneurs and experienced investors, therefore bithemoth will create a user-friendly platform that will develop both traditional markets and blockchain-based assets.

do you have to invest in bithemoth, because bithemoth is a blockchain service in the future that will be very useful in the future. and here is a brief explanation of investment in bithemoth:

We are an all-in-one Blockchain Asset solution.
The determination is what we stand for.
Useful both as a Short Term and Long Term Investment.
In addition, the exchange offered by Bithemoth has three main pillars, namely Accessibility, Usability and Profitability. the existence of these pillars will make exchanging bithemoth easy to access. with its accessibility pillar bithemoth has been designed to accommodate this development and revolutionize the Cripto-industry during this transition period, to be mass-accessible to the general public, facilitate the exchange of fiat to Crypto and vice versa. and seeing in terms of its Usability pillar, bithemoth is expected to provide a user experience that can be improved, easy to use, and designed for new and experienced investors. and the last in terms of pillars of food Profitability there are several objectives that must be achieved including low trading costs, Marketplace. ICO incubator. Integrated hardware wallet. Exchange debit card.

Bithemoth Management
For the sake of the smoothness and success of the project that will be launched bithemoth, it is necessary to have management and programs that will help facilitate the sustainability of the bithemoth ecosystem, so that bithemoth will offer a service like the following.

Fast and intuitive exchange.
A rich trading platform embedded with digital asset investment opportunities.
An ICO Incubator turnkey.

Bithemoth short-term investment
Bithemoth is not only an attractive long-term investment, but also positioned wisely to ensure respectable short-term profits. bithemoth has compiled pre-sales and ICOs to reward investors who support during the initial stages of the bithemoth project. Pre-sales are very generous and benefit people who buy during this stage. This is good news for early short-term investors, because significant returns can be made to pre-sale BHMs.

Bithemoth Security
Security is the main concern of investors especially the security of exchange. This is because even though every investor wants to keep their funds remotely, it is inevitable that a portion of a person's investment will be located on the exchange because of active trading. While some other exchanges seem to ignore the security of their platform, Bithemoth makes security a very important matter so we believe that transparency is the key to the success of any business. this is to save and protect to ensure the security of investors.

Token info

Token: BHM

Platform: Ethereum

Tokens for sale: 120,000,000 BHM (60%)

Supply of Tokens: 200,000,000 BHM

Investment info

soft cap: 1,000,000 EUR (1,145,000 USD)

Hard cap: 1,000,000 BHM

Receive: ETH

Restricted countries: No restrictions

Whitelist: yes

MyetherWalllet: 0x5917BeD8BF1a8270249685CE1AC3674af615D575

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