So far, Blockchan's technology development has been very rapid with a variety of project objectives ranging from Financial, Trading, ecommerse and so on. because of the very tight competition with the satisfying demands of the service makes the project competition in providing an excellent program to be accepted for the general public and investors and for this project. is a very dynamic and very new project both in the global market because so far the business offered in this project program is a diamond business that previously only used the traditional market. therefore with the presence of Blockchan's technology the diamond market will be boosted that its origins exist only in traditional markets will be developed in the more transparent Blockhan technology.

So the GLITZKOIN Project provides a high utility Blockchain which, provides a win-win trading platform for buyers and sellers of diamonds. Detailed records are maintained in a tamper-centered environment. Backed by our cryptocurrency, we are ready to set new and superior standards for diamond trading. this is to encourage public interest in Blockchan technology that can be accessed from overseas. especially for those looking for diamonds with excellent quality.



GLITZKOIN's vision for the diamond industry. GLITZKOIN seeks to build a blockchain-based open ecosystem for the diamond industry where all diamond trading can be done and coordinated.

There are several objectives and functionalities contained in the program of this project that man all the programs it is very important to know the information about the desired diamond. following the objectives:
  • integrates the latest Blockchan technology in the diamond industry supply
  1. A global trading platform that uses blockchain technology aimed at increasing transportation costs, lack of visibility and inefficiency with paper-based processes
  2. Connect all shareholders of the Mine company to Retail customers.
  • cross and trace of a diamond.
  1. Note the attributes, origin and history of each diamond
  2. Prevention of theft by authenticating and tracing diamonds
  3. Track stones all through their value added journey
  • Market decentralization in diamond trading.
  1. Facilitate transactions without trust between diamond merchants
  2. Allow anyone to buy and sell diamonds
  3. Facilitate additional services such as shipping and insurance for diamonds that are filled by third party providers
  4. Drastically cut the time required for the settlement of trade transactions
So with a little picture that is above will give us a very open space in the sale and purchase of diamonds globally. with a sense of security and comfort because there is a service that really focus in diamond sales this market can cover the global public world. and with this space we will know the track record of a diamond that we can update the news and information from existing services.

For ICO there are offers and terms of investment in this project. The minimum purchase amount is 100 USD if payment is made through one of these Crypto Currencies - Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Stellar (XLM). For payments made via Bank Transfer, the minimum purchase amount is 10,000 USD. this requirement as applied by the developer of this project.

MyetherWalllet: 0x5917BeD8BF1a8270249685CE1AC3674af615D575

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